recently opened 11 WeChat JS-SDK interface, including sharing, images, audio, WeChat payment, WeChat card package, etc.. After seeing a lot of entrepreneurs ecstatic, the heart of the rock to see the official WeChat public number of open 11 interfaces after the introduction of some small excitement.

WeChat because of the opening of a number of interfaces are fulfilled after I had to judge the direction of the development of WeChat. In "on the WeChat O2O road from the fall in the future" Ding Dong community, I talked about "WeChat should will provide a series of service capabilities for other applications, connecting to the service platform, let WeChat bottom distribution in the service class more App, web page, WeChat should give up the idea of becoming super platform, become super entrance everywhere."


in "by the public to raise the cafe to talk about, open to the center and centralized" in one article, I talked to the center of the means is not the purpose of the Internet platform for plug socket on myself do not agree with the practice, and not to the center of the way, will inevitably bring about efficiency, serious lack of body experience, scene all kinds of problems." "WeChat connect everything should be changed so that all can be connected, is a kind of momentum. At the same time, it means that WeChat plug socket is the center of all partners, the partners do not want to see. Everything can be connected, which means that the output of Tencent is a resource, capacity, rather than control of partners, but also to improve efficiency, rich WeChat use scenarios."

is now open to 11 WeChat interface, almost all of their ability to open to partners, which is consistent with the views of my above 2 articles. So, WeChat will be the 11 interface or the ability to open the 11 reason is what will bring what the next step will be faced with WeChat


WeChat open 11 capabilities is a homeopathic is also a helpless

the evening of January 9th to see WeChat announced the opening interface, I made a circle of friends "WeChat this open interface is from the internal opening into the opening to the outside world, is really closed to open from the false ability to open, WeChat continues to progress, error correction."

this sentence actually summed up the reasons for the opening of the 11 WeChat interface. In January 2011, WeChat released so far has been 4 years, 4 years is the rapid development of mobile Internet industry for 4 years, but WeChat has yet to find a breakthrough in the business model, I have always considered the limitations caused by the thinking.


always want to make a big article in the public numbers, want some ability to open to the public, so as to create an ecosystem of super platform with WeChat, which is also the Tencent’s share price rose to HK $300 from HK $more than and 640 an important driving force. However, after 4 years of development, WeChat found that enterprises through public service, not the user habits for users to use the circle of friends of traffic, also can’t create more contact with the user’s scenario for the enterprise, and not many enterprises use the public number to obtain substantial benefits, >

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