[Abstract] the new process reduces the threshold for users to apply for public accounts, simplifying the operation.

Tencent science and technology news on August 27th, WeChat officially announced that, for the convenience of users registered public account, today began to enable a new WeChat public platform registration process, simplify the operation. In addition, an ID card can be registered up to the number of public accounts, from the original 2 to 5.

in the new registration process, the main types of public accounts are divided into government, media, businesses, other organizations and individuals. Different types of public accounts will be submitted by selecting the different certification materials. Simplify the contents of information registration and the need to upload information.

WeChat official explained, had registered an account of the relatively high threshold, to fill in and upload data and some more, and behind the user application WeChat certified to fill in and upload data duplication, new registration to simplify the registration process, reduce the user application of public accounts threshold.

version of the registration process to determine the main types of accounts, help to provide advanced features and services for different types of accounts. For example, WeChat has been on the line of authentication, WeChat payment, traffic owners, advertisers, WeChat stores and other functional services, will be based on the account of the subject information of the contract agreement signed.

different types of accounts using different subject information, the official introduction is as follows:

· for individual types of accounts, his main information is to fill in the registration and upload personal identity card information;

· for the enterprise, the main information is to fill in and upload the business license information;

· for the government, the media, other types of organizations account, the main information is to fill in and upload the organization code information registration.

before the new version of the registration and no WeChat certified account, if you want to correct the business theme and type, you can have a chance to correct. WeChat has been certified and has opened the flow of the main public accounts, business entities and types can not be changed.

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