over the past year, a large number of Web2.0 sites, the surface is still active but hidden in the crisis, a no profit, only by investing in the website is not long. For enterprises, the most important thing is profit. Profit is the last word. China’s Internet is now really down the profit model on the three. The first is the largest, advertising. Second, is the line of the business moved to line and B2B, B2C, Alibaba, Ctrip, and even some of the industry’s website, are such; third, value-added services, such as online games, dating VIP, including customized ringing tone.

      although the more an increasing share of online advertising is occupied, but the traditional brand advertising many big advertisers, still only in TV ads on large-scale delivery, and delivery in Internet advertising is relatively less. Investigate its reason, probably because the form of online advertising is not rich enough, mainly pictures or flash, and submerged in a large number of advertising and content, leading to the impression that customers can not deepen. In the billing, network advertising often by PV and click to billing, but such fees authenticity is relatively low, even if the user can see may be accidentally opened up or DM strong push, it may cause the user antipathy, so time to fire up a shield advertising.

      Web2.0 model for small and medium-sized websites and sites, in addition to the following problems: first, the small website without advertising sales experience and sales investment; two, small and medium-sized site traffic is low, scattered, low efficiency of advertisers and the monitoring and evaluation of the cost is too high; three, some sites the flow of cheating; four, because of the small amount of replication; five, previously mainly by SP alliance to maintain their livelihood, but with the supervision of China Mobile increased, the gradual loss of income. These reasons lead to high pressure on small and medium sites and new Web2.0 site.

      but advertising is still the biggest profit in the Internet industry, in order to make good use of it, we should create a new advertising model. At present, longtuo.com launched a called "point (clickeye)" embedded advertising may in this direction pointed out a bright road. It adopts embedded advertising model, its basic principle is, system retrieval, analysis of web content through semantic, real-time tracking of user behavior and monitoring system, and the advertisement information is loaded web page text keywords in the concerns of the audience. When users of the keywords of interest, as long as the cursor key words, without disturbing the reading situation, keyword occurs near the related text, pictures, flash, carousel, video and other forms of advertising.

      it has the following characteristics: first, the quality of the crowd on the network

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