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May 10th, watercress issued a notice to announce the introduction of new measures to protect the original content – station original statement feature will be on the line.

station original statement, referring to the watercress users can apply for the original statement for the work, after the publication of the work, the article will show copyright information below. When the content is copied, it will have a copyright notice, the author information and the original link. Reprint and adaptation of the article also need to advance through the consent of the author. This statement is being tested in the "diary" section, which will be expanded to book reviews, photo albums, and group discussions.

watercress said they currently have 140 million registered users. Many users publish a book on the watercress video commentary, diaries, scripts and other original content, but these are often reproduced infringing content, which was so difficult to let the original.

, for example, on the micro-blog search watercress two words, will jump out of a number of non official large, one of which is called". This is a plus V micro-blog account, fans up to 310 thousand, it is about to send the state of the day, if you look carefully, you will find that these contents are carried over from the past in the watercress. There are many similar accounts, has accumulated 1 million 430 thousand fans called a "bean" account, it is exactly the same with the practice of "bean" bacteria.

, like this kind of account is the violation of the trademark rights and user rights. Our legal contact micro-blog, letter, watercress bacteria to a name, but has recently changed back. ‘watercress said’ the name has not changed." Public Relations Department of Lin min on curiosity Daily said, the content of the copyright belongs to the user. We have to get the user authorization, and then rights, the process of president." In the WeChat public platform, but also often account for the contents of the case of infringement handling. For WeChat, in November last year, watercress built a complaint channel outside the station".

when someone is public, reprinted in Douban original works, the author can submit the page to complain bean original and number of public articles address, WeChat will give preferential treatment to those from the requirements of complaints, complaints after the success of articles will be deleted within 24 hours, repeated violations of the public number will be banned.

data show that the station outside the line of infringement complaints on the line for six months, has handled over ten thousand complaints, the rate of over 98%, the average processing time of 9.6 minutes.

Wang is a veteran of the watercress users, he registered in 2009 watercress, there are 39 thousand concerns. His original articles have been reprinted infringement. From the point of view of the message, after the station outside the line of complaints on the line to bring him some help:


shot from user "big king" watercress watercress

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