, like the Internet in 2000, and now the mobile Internet industry practitioners are thinking: how to really become a revenue stream


revenue means currently mainly from four: user pay, to the effect of billing in the industry advertising, map rental and other technical business revenue, brand advertising. The last one was considered to be the industry revenue in the rich handsome, but it is currently the smallest piece of body mass.

sold mobile brand advertising how hard? The future should also retain confidence? After 800 days in the mobile advertising brand line development experience, I think it is time to stop the footsteps, clear your mind.

from November 2010 to join the 3G portal brand advertising sales began, I am excited to join the industry quickly awakened by reality. In front of this industry is full of cruel: customers about to ultra low price competition, no third party data, 100 thousand is big…… Mobile advertising revenue is quite difficult to do. Even, and 2000-2003 years of Internet advertising pioneer period compared to more difficult.

why have so many users of the mobile platform, brand advertisers have accepted such a low degree of


before answering this question, I would like to make a clear classification of mobile Internet advertising. First, that is, MMS newspaper, short MMS mass advertising is not such a class PUSH mobile Internet advertising. Their era is the era of smart phones. By the end of 2012 began to enter the public view of mobile video advertising, is not pure mobile advertising lineage. It is one of the multi screen video advertising in one step, temporarily unable to separate from the CPM sales of Internet video advertising sales.

real mobile brand advertising form is actually two:

mobile media advertising. This part is divided into two categories, one is based on the browser web media, and the other is the mobile news client. In this field, 3G portal may be the only focus on the mobile phone business, the other is the traditional Internet portal mobile phone sector. The focus is not the same, the NetEase Sohu is concentrating on the client, sina Tencent is to assist them in micro-blog WeChat business, truly independent of the sales team, in addition to the 3G portal, a mobile phone may only Phoenix 1-2. In 2012, the home gateway mobile phone station to do well, the actual brand advertising revenue is around 30 million.

INAPPS ad. Similar to the form of Admob alliance is still more than 80% of the advertising revenue in the industry, the brand advertisers are far from the scale of recognition. In 2012 it is estimated that the brand income can exceed 20 million.

is the 5 most frequently challenged by brand advertisers

is sitting on the number of users access to the Internet only one percent of Internet brand.

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