no brushes, not a craftsman.

actually copy this circle is very difficult to mix, face every day is a hot topic Shuabing star event. Tell the truth, the heart is very tired. But again, which is the circle. Instead of complaining, not let yourself a breath.

there are several classical techniques, allow you to copy this circle of popular spicy drink.

1, bangdakuan

no matter which industry, there is a big. Bangdakuan, mainly for easy information, can also be understood as information visualization.

you do electricity supplier, you can take Taobao Amazon endorsement. You do social communication, you will have to move out of Durex. Because of these names, more than the top of the success of the words and other words.


[to learn the 4 strokes, as fast as well as Durex chase hot. ]

even if you write a geographic location, you can use landmarks as a reference. If you want to highlight the location of real estate have the advantage that you wrote [Guan metro, South Sanhuan south 20 kilometers].

this does not feel, not a few people know, we only know Tiananmen. If you bang Dakuan copy will become so. Guan City, 50 kilometers south of Tiananmen.

even a number, can also become wealthy. A monthly salary of 30000 copy, this is big. Because in the script, the monthly salary of 30 thousand is the industry benchmark.

tycoon, is actually the industry landmark. Landmark buildings, recognition is extremely high, the mind naturally form a map coordinates. Say, we all know. If you say which way which coffee shop, others will certainly not clear mind, can not find the way.

2, reverse thinking

everyone has a fixed mind.

activities in the circle of public thinking, can not attract the attention of readers. If you play by the rules, in fact, seemingly completely mistaken. In captivity in thinking, the text need to do something different, can lead the reader from the circle of tight encirclement. This not only suction eye, will win the recognition of readers.

seriously, you win. Know almost]

I’m afraid of reading. Bookstore]

wants to be a bird. Nike]

to give a classic marketing case.

BGH air conditioning has been planning a creative marketing campaign, the theme is sunshine discount. The hotter the home, the greater the discount to buy air conditioning!


sunshine longer, the more favorable to buy BGH air conditioning. This is the reverse thinking, the more heat the better the air conditioner

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