major industries, there is no shortage of several leading companies, the competition is very fierce agent dealers. Who wants to get more customers, earn the most money. Take the ticket, in addition to airlines, is the agent of airline service providers. The airline ticket agent to the authorized agent, the competition, let more, if there is no good marketing mode, in the intense competition in the industry is not a little of his own position, make more profits, it is equal to dig a hole to bury myself. In the case of such a large ticket agency competition, than the promotion and service. Look at the brand on the network, the market coverage of the wide, who played the brand ring, who’s service has been recognized by the majority of customers. Who is the boss, family Yu Xiao brand. Once you have a good reputation, so when someone wants to buy will naturally think of this brand.

two days before going to listen to Google’s class, remember there is a staff member at Google said that they are authorized to agents, to allow them to open up more customers. Followed by regular visits to Google, because the process is to serve the customer’s agents, Google direct return visit to the end of the customer, to see if they have encountered any problems or which do not understand. Through such a return visit to the end customer, you can see how agents are usually to serve customers, but also to allow agents to have a sense of pressure, will seriously serve each customer. Coupled with so many agents in the industry, if the customer service is not good, after all, is the loss of their own. This feeling is very good service for the agents, in the same industry in the fierce competition, in addition to doing a good job of promotion, service is also the most important first customer.

two are indispensable, if the promotion of enterprises to do a good job, but they can not grasp the good service, and ultimately can not produce benefits. Two days ago with the customer service department also said that the meeting, told them how to promote the same thing, how to promote, so that they know what I’m doing here. With a clear concept, it will be aware of the promotion through my side to the customer is to serve their side. Whether through telephone booking or booking sites or in the communication to the customer as the center, pay attention to service and the company’s image, but also let customers through our customer service and communication. We can feel the air service is the first zhaohua. Therefore, we should pay attention to every detail in the service, cherish every order, good service to every customer. In order to produce the ultimate benefit. Promotion and service complement each other, if not done one, then there is no profit results. Because last week with the company president opened the meeting, said let me with the customer service department staff communication, so that they know what I am doing. I think it is very necessary. As the promotion of the industry a lot of people still do not understand, after all, the observatory, and a clear division of labor. Do not understand is also a normal thing. Communication is also important throughout all the links. I want to pay attention to the details of the various aspects of customer service, but also pay attention to detail, the details of the decision

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