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" " brother is just a legend; this sentence swept the country way, network is a large number of active "brother" "sister", such as Feng, Obama, Xi Li Ge, brother and generous girl, the most representative character is called the SEO peer network marketing experts xifeng. Xifeng event is true or false, there is no way there is no need to research, but the important thing is that the whole incident we get a conclusion is: Luo Yufeng is really clever, because she knows packaging, know how to marketing.

marketing a very important theory is: if you do not have Story, you want to own ideas then make a Story to package oneself (oh, it seems not words, it is such a meaning. I think the same is true of network marketing, which is the great charm of event marketing. Wrote here I suddenly remembered that many of my webmaster friends are also with the help of Story to successfully plan their own website success stories.

next sunny summed up the three elements of event marketing:

1 story must have integrity, you can see, if your marketing is their own, then you must be customized for a suitable for their own events, as " Xifeng; " the fact that this kind of marketing is completely suitable for his own conditions, if you marketing their products you are planning a everyone love to hear or a more perfect story for you then.

2 for the event to design a climax (the climax is best able to break the conventional imagination, all because this time the more you engage in special, more people pay attention to you, often the climax is best moment of your own marketing)

3 the whole event must be harmonious. Harmony is the mainstream of modern society, if you engage in a very special but contrary to the trend of social events. Only by people of men. Even if you sell yourself in a short time, what does this mean for your life?

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