1 star UAV

investors: all groups, science and Technology Fund blue ocean collar investment

investment amount: 72 million yuan

star Dragonfly UAV has completed 72 million B round of financing, the ark technology fund group, and the blue ocean everyone Kang group co led, Jing Han family office with the vote. Not long ago, the star chart also completed by the good capital of the A round with the vote.


2 assets 100

Investor: cocoa capital

investment amount: 10 million yuan

asset 100 announced recently obtained in the cocoa capital of nearly ten million yuan Pre A round of financing, the funds will be used for the products and technology continue to invest, and expand the partners in the operation of the docking.


3 flavor network

Investor: Shenzhen Huada gene agriculture Holding Co., Ltd.

investment amount: 50 million yuan

news October 27th, agricultural B2C fresh business platform taste network announces 50 million yuan B round of financing, the investment of investment for Shenzhen BGI agricultural Holdings Limited, so far, the platform valuation has reached 500 million yuan.


4 car free


investment amount: 20 million yuan

today, the second-hand car independent third party testing organization "inspection free" announced the acquisition of 20 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the funds will be credited into account recently, employers currently did not disclose. Round of financing will be used to detect the expansion of the technician team, urban business development, B end user access, etc..


5 ant HR

Investor: Kai Fu capital lead investor, Chunxiao investment capital with

investment amount: 10 million yuan

October 27th, HR officially announced the completion of the ants, tens of millions of dollars level A round of financing, lead investor side Kai Fu capital, investment capital with chunxiao.




investors: red series fund investment, and the island fund is four investment institutions with investment

investment amount: 90 million yuan

October 27th, chairman and CEO of Analysys on Jan officially announced the completion of 90 million yuan B round of financing, this round of financing by the Shenzhen Venture Capital Group and its clay series lead investor funds, positive and island fund four institutional investors with investment.


7 oruobo ORVIBO

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