website optimization and website promotion is very important for a webmaster. In this blog I only on the promotion of the impact of optimization, how to use blog to promote the ranking of keywords, to bring traffic to the site. We don’t have the same rights as blogs. But according to the existing permissions. To talk about how to promote the blog to improve the rankings and traffic.

1 domain name

blog generally use 2 domain name system, format: blog official name / own blog name, although not a blog is not a domain name, but because of the weight of the blog master, included will soon. So the domain name as far as possible to choose close to the main keywords to optimize ranking is very good. For example, my main station is, my choice of a number of industry words, such as CPLD and FPGA mcu. Such as my SCM development platform blog:, two domain name is also very important.

2 title and description fill in

we can only modify the title and description of the blog, the title and description of the blog is equivalent to the title and description of the site is very important. Most of the title of the blog is connected with the home page, which is good for your keywords ranking.

3 select keywords

the purpose of this blog is to serve your main station, so when you choose the key words and the main station. Select the main keywords, and then in the Baidu search out some of the long tail keywords associated with it, and then in accordance with the distribution of the search to the blog title, description, article categories and tags.

4 personal data

there is to be a good person, if a girl is the best, the best if boys girls sex, pass a few beautiful sister pictures, not the whole star yo, the try to look real. Let people have a good impression on you, and then you have interest in reading, then your blog is valuable. Fill in your profile.

5 article classification

according to the contents of the article, the long tail keywords above to find the article grouping. It is best to choose some product words, the search volume of the long tail keywords, my blog is divided in accordance with this. I also added a little knowledge module. Don’t let the blog rigid, it can also increase your, user viscosity,

is not the best of both worlds?

6 module calls

set the home page shows the number, format, the classification, the latest articles, blog chain, labels and Links, these are very important modules, can be based on user browsing, simulation spiders crawl pages requires reasonable arrangement.

7 article published

in the article can add links to text and pictures, >

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