on the morning of December 3rd, Mr. Wang Hefei people in Hefei to buy the network, found that the page can not be opened. The reporter then learned that a service for server hosting business Anhui Yanhuang network science and technology limited company website jurisprudence, and Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center exposure, Hefei public security department is combined with the telecommunications sector of the company to investigate, because the room was temporarily closed, resulting in the Chinese network service in 10000 website.

it is reported that in November 30th, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center an exposure of 10 Internet service providers, Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co. Ltd. because of "video space" more than 9 thousand and 158 contains a large number of pornographic and vulgar adverse information website to provide access to services has also been included in the list of exposure.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment learned that, in accordance with the instructions, they are working with the telecommunications sector to investigate the Yanhuang network, for the purpose of handling cases, the telecommunications sector has suspended Yanhuang network room. Another Hefei for hire Yanhuang network server which results in the Harvey hardware network manager Lu network paralysis told reporters that their company’s website was paralyzed from the afternoon of December 2nd, according to his knowledge, the province has at least thousands of rental Yanhuang network server site is temporarily unavailable, "most of them are without their own financial resources to build the room small and medium sized enterprises".

on a number of occasions and Anhui Yanhuang network science and technology limited company to communicate, make 6 last night, a director of Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co. Ltd, told reporters that the preliminary estimates, the province has nearly 10000 Yan Huang network service website is temporarily unable to log in, they are communication and telecommunication departments actively, for the early opening room, site recovery the company provides access to services.

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