pig in the air when taking off, NetEase CEO Ding Lei chose to raise pigs, rather than do the "flying pigs".

as the first batch of Internet entrepreneurs, although the NetEase found their own characteristics in the news client, and around the tools, music education, launched a series of products, in the field of game to earn pours, but in 19 years also missed some opportunities.

search is one of them. A NetEase with search products started, Ding Lei hope Youdao "within three years to become the first China search engine, search and positioning for the" NetEase "one of the core business segments, as several advantages of basic technology and NetEase portal, mail, games and other business integration, but the result is not satisfactory.

until 2013 NetEase search with the 360 alliance, which means that the extent to which the NetEase announced a strategic abandon search business.

and NetEase Youdao search similar to Tencent. Tencent in 2005 to enter the search business, and invested heavily to attract former Google three generals, but the Tencent search market share has a number of stop. Until the Tencent strategic stake in Sogou Sogou search at the same time with the Tencent soso.

, however, missed opportunities in search of the Tencent, mobile social WeChat caught this ticket, and see the trend of mobile social NetEase came a bit late.

Ding Lei admitted that over the past 19 years, his most impressive is the trial and error of mobile social networking. In a similar WeChat chat software, we are too late to enter the strategy a bit wrong."

and NetEase that looked like "behind the work" business, Ding Lei has not assured — early because of the logic of their pork restaurant, then raise a hand to Ding pig; now was determined to do quality business, Ding Lei’s understanding of life.

from the current electricity supplier model, the biggest advantage of the platform model is able to quickly enrich the product line. But foreign goods businesses often encounter a series of problems in the region, the amount of funds, foreign exchange settlement, how to guarantee the sustained high frequency platform competition, cross-border electricity supplier platform of domestic manufacturers problems. Koala NetEase "self cross-border B2C" mode, from Tmall, Jingdong’s edge, has formed its own selling point.

NetEase strict selection of China’s excellent manufacturing industry to find out, remove the brand premium for the consumer upgrade services. However, OMD (original design manufacturer) lingering problem is that some brands are too similar, previously, there are micro-blog V directed plagiarism, cottage.

now looks, NetEase’s business whether or koalas are carefully selected, the price war is still the fastest way to attract users, the market share is quick in the first place. But in the Red Sea competition in the field of electricity providers, before Ali, after the giant Jingdong, ocean terminal, little red book, honey bud in market segment with competitors, how to fight this protracted war, in addition to the future to test >

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