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in the form of Pinterest waterfall flow, many websites have begun to imitate its information presentation mode, and the business model of visual social bookmarking service began to rise. A product called Clipix slowly into people’s sight, but with a simple Pinterest service is different, it is not just a vision of social bookmarking, it can also be a local file upload to Clipix, and the freedom of organization and sharing, it is more complex in Evernote and Pinterest.


Evernote property

wrote in the previous article "Evernote geeks Park – a hundred years" Entrepreneur:

ubiquitous Evernote

in order to truly become the user’s brain, the biggest obstacle to overcome is: how to make the user in the simplest form of recording everything in his life. From simple text, page summary, task list, to life photos, voice recordings, handwritten notes, and even more accessories, Evernote provides a wide range of content support for user records. From the desktop, mobile phone, web client, to email, to the number of third party applications, Evernote truly ubiquitous, the user can easily add to the various types of Evernote in various scenarios notes. Even the launch of Evernote, such as Hello, Food, the acquisition of Skitch and other seemingly independent applications, its purpose is to facilitate the realization of user information records.

Evernote cross platform synchronization allows users to more easily manage their notes anywhere. Note sharing and collaboration (pay function) is also a better way to improve the memory of a good complement. In addition, the notes folder, label, annotation and metadata support (geographical location, content source website), picture OCR, voice to strengthen the full-text search text also provides more powerful retrieval and relevance function for our better management information. For example, you in a certain activity on the understanding of a person of interest, you can search through the venue, photos, audio, or a variety of ways to find the names of his or her information, just as our brains.

Information management

Evernote may also reach the brain so strong ability, but it is certainly to the direction.


Evernote helps us to facilitate access to information and organizational management, ubiquitous synchronization allows us to get real-time information security backup and multi channel view, Evernote as know >

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