A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 27th news, 2014 Spring Festival, WeChat red blockbuster, Ma Yun was known as the "  attack on Pearl Harbor". Yesterday (January 26th) Alipay wallet launched the latest version, the main "millions of red envelopes".

Alipay wallet relevant person in charge, the user enters the page in a red Alipay wallet home page click on the Chinese New Year red envelopes can be. The form of red envelopes, envelopes, individual and group Solitaire red envelopes and other four kinds of face to face.

‘s red envelopes, through Alipay wallet a list of contacts to their friends, there are ordinary red envelopes of cash and funny than two modes, including funny than the model, according to the amount of randomly generated red three numbers to make friends to guess, guess it all away, couldn’t only take half the other half, can continue to share with friends.

it is worth noting that, in the Alipay red envelopes to share links, only micro-blog, with ALI and other products, not WeChat. One of the industry, Alipay red opened WeChat interface is not difficult, but estimates WeChat there will not agree, after all is the competition between both sides, Tencent do not want each other to borrow their social chain.

last year, the new year WeChat red let us not sleep well, this year it is their turn to sleep well." Who participated in the Alipay R & D technical staff said that the Chinese New Year red envelopes.

WeChat and Alipay are paid by the social, social and tried to pay. Why Ali and Tencent are two "red envelopes"? Whether Alipay wallet "red envelopes" allows the capture of

in the field of social city?

and WeChat recently updated version 6.1, but also on the WeChat red pages optimized. Mobile QQ is also a new version of the red envelopes reserved.

in fact, since the Spring Festival last year WeChat red jump red, red envelopes are becoming more and more attention by the Internet Co. Fast, drops taxi wars, WeChat and Alipay Wallet Red war, have hundreds of millions of users concerned. Ali and Tencent rely on a taxi software dispute, have received a large number of mobile payment users.

industry insiders believe that although the game is red by WeChat and the rise, but Alipay has a huge user base. Regardless of who wins the red envelopes who win, in the case of the protection of the user’s financial security, the new consumer model is encouraged to try.

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