game education network on December 16, 2005 on the line, after nearly two years of effort, has gained a good brand reputation in the field of Chinese chess network teaching.

released on the occasion of the two anniversary of the site, the game education network will launch a dedicated network teaching software to further improve the network teaching system.

in order to meet the needs of the development of a special recruitment site operations manager.


1 love the Internet, familiar with the Internet, has a wealth of site planning and network marketing experience;

2 familiar with, like, or yearning for the cause of the game, interested in working with us to open up a new career, that is: the traditional go to the online education;

3 have entrepreneurial determination, confidence and perseverance, share our vision, we are willing to work hand in hand, side by side and pull together in times of trouble;

4 male, aged less than 35 years old.

probation period, two months, the probation period mainly inspects: ability, attitude, loyalty.

trial qualified, signed a formal employment contract, preferential treatment. We are willing to come to share the original shares, and business partners, as long as you have a trend which cannot be halted passion, experience and wisdom.

interested candidates can send biographical information (including photos) to the mailbox: [email protected]

contact: QQ:622008168, mobile phone: 13036160850, phone: 027-88043480

contact: Mr. Zhou

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