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Microsoft (Microsoft) announced a $26 billion 200 million acquisition of the global professional social networking site led by the British (LinkedIn) news on Monday burst burst of social media, and lead to a high degree of concern for the social market stocks.

after each investment Bao noted that in the market have hot who will become the next British collar, on Friday (June 10th) on a number of trading options market led the British company, by the time of admission was too "coincidence", "fortune" (Fortune) and other media exposed or related the insider trading, and urged the SEC investigation.

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Microsoft acquisition of news, so that the British shares rose 47% on Monday. Look, the deal has no obvious flaws, no leakage of any media The early bird catches the wind. Moreover, last Friday, the British shares also fell by 3.98%, the closing price of the day than Microsoft’s $196 offer is lower than the $49.53%.

however, there are still some suspicious signs on the two market, indicating that some people may know the news in advance. The option contract record check before the announcement of the "fortune" Dan · Plymouth Mark (Dan Primack) found that on Friday, around the collar options contract volume Ying’s transaction.

on the same day, someone bought a 621 call option exercise price of $160, on Friday led to this kind of options contract volume increase. In addition, there are 331 call option exercise price of $175 in turnover of the day. It is worth mentioning that the two option exercise period is August 19th.

obviously, on Friday reached the Capitol is accurate buyers. How lucky they? According to Peng Bo assembly data, the 600 pieces of the exercise price of $160 for the option is through two transactions in the afternoon, a total value of about $135 thousand. As of Monday’s close, the corresponding value of more than $2 million, that is, within a trading day, the buyer surplus of nearly $1 million 900 thousand.

on the same day, the 300 call option exercise price of $175 is achieved through four transactions, corresponding to the cost of $25 thousand, it was worth $569 thousand, in less than a day of trading revenue reached an alarming rate of 2176%. Another noteworthy phenomenon is that all the exercise price of $175 call options are completed on Friday in the last 5 minutes of trading time.

took into account last Friday’s closing price of British close to $131.08, while in the acquisition of the acquisition on Monday, Microsoft paid a price of $196. Obviously, the options trading on Friday was a good deal. Coupled with the admission time is really fine, "wealth" and therefore suspect that anonymous buyers are likely to know in advance the acquisition news.

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