hao123 Li Gui incident has gradually fade out of sight, and recently out of a Li Gui, he is ip168.

IP138 introduction:

domain name: www.ip138.com IP138 to query the IP based, the most satisfactory to all of the data is updated fast development in recent years, the development of a number of unique features, such as: five inquiries, etc.. At present, as far as I know, there are so many large web search site: ip138 123cha or Webmaster Station tool.chinaz.com mainstream. But after the two major web site traffic can not be more than IP138 of the reasons should be on the data problem!

why IP168 is Li Gui

from the domain name, www.ip138.com and www.ip168.com is only a number of differences, and the page and IP138 almost exactly the same.

from the functional point of view, IP168 and IP138 function is also very close.

from the data, IP168 update speed is quite fast, you can fight with IP138!

In fact,

IP168 in the early start to query the network, but has been chipping away, not what big success! Recently, IP168 webmaster to the genuine imitation of the IP138 page, do not look carefully, it is difficult to find you in the IP168 or IP138.

IP168 is a GUI? Or a copycat


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