According to informed sources by Tencent

technology received the news, once the main push of the "campus diary" and "white-collar diary", triggered a domestic public opinion on Alipay "circle" was the former "circle" team leader was dismissed last week.

new features from officially released, to cause waves, and finally to the ant gold dress chairman Peng Lei open letter "wrong is wrong" embarrassment, the relevant personnel position change to a certain extent also can be expected.

insider told the "financial" magazine, the "circle" team has the new head office, nicknamed "warm", had been doing social in ali. Fangfei office indicates that Alipay will continue to develop the "circle", launched the two phase of the project in the period from December 30th to January 3, 2017. Word of mouth network, line and Alipay paid under the same, "circle" of the two phase of the project will begin to introduce the third party operators, to further expand the products, and these operators can gain through the operation of the "circle".


it is worth noting that the person said "circle" will do a large red promotion activities during the Spring Festival, and once started the war with Alipay for red WeChat announced yesterday will not be the marketing of red spring festival in 2017, the Tencent of another big social product QQ will be through the form of "LBS+AR" and "Alipay circle" start red envelopes marketing battle.

after a period of silence, the Spring Festival next year we will see an active Alipay "circle", but this time the "circle" is a horse, or a suitable Alipay financial services, mobile payment attributes of the "circle" will have to see the Ali? Well versed in social development so how to use Alipay’s resources.

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