the real difficulty in starting a business is 10 times as much as

"when I had to make the occupation managers only need to be concerned with a cause of a block on the line, but the boss is concerned about the cause of all aspects, feel the pressure is very large, no business is not the experience."

from the portal editor in chief, as well as senior managers, transition to entrepreneurs, too many problems encountered. People in the business before the general will to make full preparations for good will encounter all kinds of difficulties ahead of plan, but only after business will find that the actual difficulties in the worst than you can think of the worse 10 times.

for me, I have encountered in the process of entrepreneurship bandwidth, customers, copyright, control, cost, finance, law and a series of problems. In the past there is no experience in this area, only racking their brains, trying every means to solve. I used to be a professional manager, only need to care about a career on a piece of the line, but the boss is concerned about all aspects of the cause of the business, feeling the pressure is very large, do not venture is not realized.

entrepreneurship requires comprehensive capabilities and technical capabilities

a lot of people ask me what kind of difficulties will be encountered by non technology entrepreneurs?

in fact, in the United States, is indeed a lot of technical personnel than non technical personnel, but in China, in fact, many non-technical personnel entrepreneurship. I think it is because China entrepreneurial environment is not mature, in addition to technology there are a variety of issues need to be coordinated, such as funds, personnel, management, government relations, legal, completely beyond the category of technology.

can be said that the technical personnel and non – technical personnel entrepreneurship is each have their own advantages, each have their own troubles. I think there are two entrepreneurial capabilities are required, one is the ability to speak Mandarin, which is a comprehensive ability, a technical ability. For such a non technical background of people, entrepreneurship must find a very good technical partner, the establishment of a strong technical team. As for the technical background of entrepreneurs, they also need to find people who can speak Mandarin to help him, which is an integration of the advantages, the two are indispensable.

venture, walk a little faster every day to live

when it comes to corporate culture, I think first of all is happiness, especially in the start-up period, happiness is a very important thing. First of all, I want to be happy, to seek the freedom of the heart, and then through my happiness to make my team happy. We will hold some activities, such as do some party, horse riding, barbecue, every two weeks to carry out some training, some club to make everyone happy, encourage everyone to communicate sincerely with each other; second is that culture, in the start-up period, the time is more important than what, every day to go a little faster. It is possible to live.

proof of culture

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