does not love the spotlight, acting style, with a little intellectual smell hypocritical, wine is his killer, he is Zhu Linan. At the helm of Lenovo in the split, Jun linked capital, he was Liu Chuanzhi’s most trusted adviser, also have their own pride.

in the topic is king of the investment community, not love publicity, do not pay attention to the style of Zhu Linan, the media are keen to chase the target, he has done hundreds of thousands of times the income of the case, miss BAT, Jingdong and other hot, even in the internal association, his fame as Yang Yuanqing and Guo wei.


but over the past 15 years, he was in charge of the capital of the United States starting from $35 million, has developed into a huge investment Empire, the total size of more than $26 billion. If you count the legend of the star, Hony investment, the total size of the fund is up to hundreds of billions, for the majority of Lenovo holdings contributed to the profits.

2015 Chinese best

Forbes released in venture capital institutions, Jun linked capital ranked fourth, it came in front of Sequoia Capital, IDG capital and Softbank Chinese, all with a foreign background.

2012 was promoted to President of Legend Holdings, Zhu Linan Liu Chuanzhi is regarded as the most popular one of the successors.


Zhu Linan

and Lenovo’s origin is striking one snag after another. 1987, 25 year old Zhu Linan received a master’s degree in electronic engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was able to stay in Shanghai, had to worry about the life of the jacket, but he chose to go to Shenzhen entrepreneurship.

. Two years later, he not only did not make money, but also owed a debt, had to give up the idea of entrepreneurship. At that time, Lenovo is ready to build an industrial base in Shenzhen, a principal regional manager. Zhu Linan, who has a master’s degree, passed the interview successfully, became the head of Shenzhen Association, and received 17 million Hong Kong dollars.

at that time, Liu Chuanzhi attaches great importance to the Shenzhen and Hongkong market, often go there, Zhu Linan got the opportunity to contact with the chiefs frequently. Two age difference of 18 years, with the Jiangsu people, and have a common hobby is football, soon became the friendship between generations. Every time Liu Chuanzhi went to Shenzhen, in addition to chat with Zhu Linan, often to a nearby small hotel to drink two cups.

Liu Chuanzhi (left) and (right)


Liu Chuanzhi was impressed by the young man, especially his communication and coordination skills.

, according to Zhu Linan, he is good at dealing with people, through a pair of "Tao Tao" exchanges, build trust with others. In this process, wine is his killer, a lot of work is not to say, in the wine on the table can be naturally. It is said that when investment, in order to change the old, have to find each other once every month he was drunk.

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