Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 22 September, (reporter Lu Guoqiang) reporter from the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement departments to understand, in the fight against the use of WeChat micro-blog to spread pornographic information special action, the cultural market administrative law enforcement departments of public security and other departments, has dealt with the Beijing dream platform Sina micro-blog network technology limited company the Sohu and the Beijing Internet Information Services Limited business blog platform to spread pornographic information case.

Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps of law enforcement team vice captain Qin Yongming said in four, August 20th, law enforcement inspection by network monitoring system of network culture market, found in the Sina micro-blog platform, called "theemotions radio" micro-blog suspected of spreading pornographic information.

"micro-blog shows the location is " overseas Singapore " blogger has released more than and 20 novels." Qin Yongming said, these articles include "bizarre noon 1ps classroom office network" "her first," my first PS network "PS network" rape married woman, all published by the "micro-blog" form.

use " long micro-blog " on the one hand, breaking the limit of 140 words micro-blog, on the other hand, you can also avoid the audit site." Qin Yongming introduced, each of these novels have reached thousands of words, which is filled with a lot of pornographic information.

on the law enforcement departments to investigate Sina micro-blog, but also found in the Sohu blog channel called yang2019 blog, there are a large number of pornographic novels. Click on the link in the blog, jump to a server located outside the cloud storage space, to achieve the download of these novels." Qin Yongming said that the blog has a total of 64 pornographic novels, click to reach more than 27 times.

The authorities also found

Sohu blog, bloggers have spread our culture sector has been identified as a pornographic game "artificial girl 3" "Raiders", and press and publication departments banned posted on the Internet to promote cultural and violent underworld network novel "bad guy how to make".

after mastering a lot of evidence, the law enforcement departments according to the law of Beijing micro dream Techtronic Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Internet Information Services Limited Sohu impose high limit penalties, at the same time, by the public security organs involved in the investigation of bloggers.

At the same time, the law enforcement departments of

network is still Sina, Sohu, micro-blog, WeChat and Phoenix blog, public number, micro shop platform and found a lot of trick prostitute information, at present, have all been transferred to the public security organs to investigate.

from these cases have been investigated, the use of emerging network of social media dissemination of pornographic information behavior of the emergence of a more subtle, more information, dissemination and update faster and other trends." Qin Yongming said that this communication is not subject to geographical restrictions, as long as the network can upload and download at any time. At the same time, due to WeChat et al

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