QQ, the public number to the public number differs from the WeChat


it is undeniable that the same as a communication tool, from the point of view of product quality, WeChat more business models, QQ more entertainment.


business model, launched a major public platform for the enterprise has been more than two years. During this period, the success of WeChat public number has obvious to people, more and more businesses to promote their own public number ebullience.

entertainment fan QQ, in connection with the enterprise and personal aspects have not been much movement. Until November 2014, the first mobile phone QQ on the "service life" — YTO Yuantong express line.

hand Q life service number, and the basic operation mode of WeChat public number is the same: businesses to promote the form of two-dimensional code of life service number, the user’s attention, access to services in the form of dialogue.

is not the same place, QQ life service number reserved and call the merchant customer a key voice function in a prominent position on the Q by hand is not the traditional customer service, but for the design of hand Q user, with visual menu service. In fact, the use of the experience of the process, it is more like a voice guide to complete the mail, check the pieces and other services, because these services can also be done directly through the bottom of the menu, as WeChat public number.

QQ, the public number to the public number differs from the WeChat


this is the most interesting place. In the QQ public number by voice call (boot) can do, in the WeChat public number on the menu can be completed. But the feeling is not the same. As we want to inform someone of a thing, you can WeChat or QQ message, you can send text messages, you can call, but the phone is generally an urgent and important thing. When we need a road rescue, the preferred solution is probably not through the public number to fill in the request form, but a direct call to find road rescue. At the same time, when we call a call for help, and do not want the specific location again reported on their place (sometimes don’t know), then QQ life service provided by visual menu and converged communications functions can come in handy, directly in the past to position during a call.


Senior Product Manager Weng Xiangjian (Neo Weng) said, "all service class APP, is delayed, if the voice loading mode will be more timely. Mobile phone QQ is not to say that the one hundred percent are biased in the service class businesses, it is not to say that all businesses connected, just want to connect those real-time service based." Q life service number will an industry to do, access model has basically completed the express industry, an industry is the bank customer service, the future will be in road rescue, insurance loss, ticket booking, car rental and other aspects to provide call service.

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