Evan Sharp and his two friends came up with Pinterest, which dates back to 2009, when he was a student at the Columbia University.

Pinterest must be familiar with the development of the future, and now Pinterest has become one of the largest social network, second only to Facebook and Twitter. Currently available in 22 language versions, users in the form of Pin upload share more than 20 billion, the main form of sharing is the image and video or source file links.

Pinterest largely foreshadowed the network content development trends: the magnet forms of picture arrangement, and mobile phone users accounted for the increase (for a total amount of 75% through two), and the development trend of network visualization (Visual Web), heavy and light picture text application design, to become the three at present the design trend of the internet.

Pinterest recently made improvements to the Pin, launched the Rich Pin upgrade function. Users can not only send pictures, but also for the picture to add details, Pinterest this move hopes to expand the function of the application. Recently, Pinterest has launched the Interests function, the user using the Pin personalized recommendation, intelligent guess the user’s interest, and watercress guess similar.

I have the honor to interview the founder of Sharp Pinterest, and launched the product ideas, and he is the process of how to practice these ideas of questioning.

grid composition (grid) forerunner

: first, let’s talk about the product. How do you think of the layout of the grid to present this product?

answer: the reason why the use of grid design, because I personally think that this form is very interesting, may change the way users browse the web page. But in the beginning, I focused on the classification of products, rather than the grid form. The more we go to study how to build for the user to constantly scroll the page, the user how to collect pictures, so that everyone can easily read.

people never have a collection of their favorite things for various places, such as museums, shops and so on, but also a variety of product collection and columns. People come to museums or shops, a large part of them are. Shopping is the same, people in all kinds of clothes to choose their favorite style. I think the way of presenting things in a grid is also based on the same idea, the user browse a variety of photos, find what they like.

based on the idea of browsing the product design, we chose the shape of the grid

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