February 14th, at the The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, vip.com chairman and CEO Shen Ya firmly hold the hands of Le bee network founder Li Jing, both sides of the table just signed a strategic agreement. Although did not invite the media to the scene, but the scene was shot down, concurrent to the hands of all the media in the country.

Valentine’s day, two female customers, in cosmetics vertical electric field rival vip.com and Le bee network jointly announced a strategic investment in vip.com Lasafo $112 million 500 thousand in cash, the shareholding ratio of 75%.

analysts pointed out that although the market is another contender jumei.com just came in February 13th in the U.S. market IPO, but did not affect the sale price. This price does not exceed the normal range, but the end of the birth of the music bee network shareholders arbitrage withdrawal.

2010, 2011 is the golden period of vertical business capital, each vertical business almost all large sums of financing and advertising delivery, however, since the second half of 2011, has experienced a difficult period of the collective "winter" in the capital, cooling environment, such as shoes and some more vertical business seems to have faded out of sight.

at this time, large-scale acquisitions have quietly started, all of which started from the platform. In May 2012, the Tencent acquired 100% stake in easy network at the same time, Gome (micro-blog) also completed on the incorporation of kuba. In fact, Tencent and the United States (micro-blog) have started to invest in shares since 2010.

for those who did not develop into a platform for the vertical integration, from the September 2012 acquisition of suning.com red children started. The acquisition not only reveals the big fish eat small fish industry status quo, but also reflects the acquisition is the electricity supplier to supplement the category, the fastest way to seize the market.

Hua Ping capital adviser Huang Ruoceng Tencent technology said that from 2012 to the beginning of two to three years, the situation of domestic electricity supplier mergers and acquisitions will become more and more obvious.

so, after a time of capital operation, the acquisition of the vertical electricity supplier has been another model to survive, but in fact disappear in disguise. The rest of the market to acquire resources are few, they are not waiting for the cheap sale, is that ideal, to sweat it out.

this year is the last chance of the last remaining electricity supplier

for vip.com holding Lasafo billion, help power network editor Jia Penglei said, "this is not the end of the acquisition of vip.com, is just a start." Shoes and clothing and beauty are the top two categories, but vip.com beauty category is a short board, by holding lefeng.com, can quickly expand the beauty category, "the next step if you want to break the other category, is likely to continue to acquire."

from the current market point of view, the vertical electricity supplier has not yet been acquired, but the rumors have long been the main electricity supplier footwear Amoy, >

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