where there was a liar, liar cheat you have some money, but because you want to get blood, put your trust as a prop, deceive not just your money, it is your reputation in the forum, many swindlers received information on qq. In order to reduce the number of acts of deception, here is a special tip.

cheater identification: liar always have QQ and email, phone and account name, right?   whether it is 50 or 500, it is recommended that you deal with the liar before searching his QQ, email, phone, name. Baidu it, Google it. Basically can see a probably

2 cases, after the search to the liar, the immediate reaction, he added a pen. Let liar never stand up. Another case, the search for any information. So we need to worry. Since it is a webmaster, often on the Internet, which can not be searched. There must be a little problem.

deal with people, it is best to find an acquaintance. Everyone is a webmaster, how can also have the intersection, mutual understanding of friends, even if this is not, or is a new webmaster, or is mixed is not good.

now stationmaster net open trading intermediary platform, is for the purpose of transaction security, here is not to advertise http://s.bbs.admin5.com webmaster trading intermediary platform, we will strive to build the largest trading center, for ease of trading between the webmaster. Many webmaster, thought only 100, only a few dozen, I am sorry to waste time. This will easily be a swindler, at present many such cases.

there are some crooks excuse is very good, said not willing to go through Admin5, or direct trading it, if so, then you should pay attention to, you want him to give the goods, or give money.


saw many webmaster scold scolding cheated liar, what’s the use of pour out a torrent of abuse,? A liar is holding your money, drinking a little wine, stealing music. Why didn’t cheat?

liar trick is very simple, see through, then a few strokes. 1, the low price law, ultra-low prices lure you to give money. Buy first.

2, urgent law, the urgent need for money, a quick deal. 3, the small amount of money, small transactions, a program, a domain name, dozens of pieces, in your trust license for small deception. 4, the use of the domain name of your site is not familiar with the flow of deception, a station to sell more, the domain name sold and then take back.

common liar on these methods. A hand, play away, QQ pull the black, do not answer the phone, cheated on hand foot, teeth.

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