buy industry has experienced a crazy growth over the past six months, the cumulative down there are thousands of buy site. Buy a large number of sites, making the industry gradually become muddy and bloated. Can foresee the entire industry will enter the battle fight at outrance: some sites rise during this period of time, some websites are slowly disappear.

Most of the

website will have the group purchase disappear in the next period of time, not only because of its long-term strategy not normative and operational, but also have unique attraction and user viscosity degree. In the industry has been able to buy the steady pace of standing there are only two kinds of sites: first, the community class buy network, the two category is the category of information network.

first website community websites and classification of information not only has great reputation and user viscosity, and can also provide vitality for the reputation effect. In the previous period, Sohu, Tencent, said it would launch its own buy site. Out of the community, the net purchase of classified information will go out most of the eliminated, leaving only a few survived.

whether it is the community to buy the network or the classification of information in the rise of the network is not the same as the general group buying network, but in the next period of time. But with the reputation of the people and the recognition of the brand, I believe more people will choose to go to the site to buy the above.

Now the group purchase website

has entered the elimination stage, lack of vigor and poor user base group purchase network will gradually step into decline phase, many early emergence of group purchase websites have eliminated at this stage. Buy site does not have too many technical barriers, the site’s core competitiveness is not reflected in the technical content of the site, or other sources of supply, how to think about the expansion and operation of the user is based on the. Anne’s gift ( original release, reprint please keep the link address and this statement.

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