recently, the state Internet Information Office of the Business Council in conjunction with the Beijing City Network Information Office recently received a large number of users to report problems, engendering false news, dissemination of pornographic information and other responsible for the joint interviews, and ordered its immediate rectification on related issues, and asked the Beijing city network Information Office will be punished according to law.

National Internet Information Office, the relevant business bureau official pointed out that the recent Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received a large number of related report, reflecting the problem of engendering false news, dissemination of pornographic information and other prominent, the serious nature of adverse effects. Interview requests according to "Internet information services management approach" and other law rectification, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, liability investigation, seriously deal with the relevant departments and responsible to ensure the rectification to achieve tangible results. If the rectification does not meet the requirements, according to the law will be strictly and severely punished. said in interviews, have realized the seriousness of the problem, in-depth self-examination, thorough rectification, in strict accordance with the law to carry out services, should bear the social responsibility of network media.

National Internet Information Office Business Bureau relevant responsible person stressed that the state Internet information office network in accordance with the law, uphold the rule of law network, local network letter department has also recently reproduced news spread, the existence of illegal and harmful information problems such as "Sohu", "seconds" and "China map" and other 10 sites were interviewed for warning. National Internet Information Office will further strengthen the daily supervision and management, and effectively maintain the order of Internet news and information dissemination. Users are welcome to continue to strengthen supervision and reporting, and jointly create a clear space network. Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center address is:, report Tel: 12377, report mailbox: [email protected]

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