A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 28th news recently, Ali held the 2015 strategic conference, announced to move the layout of network literature reading as the breakthrough point of market, and further emphasizes copyright sharing with partners. "Ali literature" will be launched with the author, copyright cooperation policy, emphasizing the copyright of network literature and revenue sharing, with the original website, publishing, film and television companies and other parties to promote the copyright operation market space.

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release, Sina and Ali literature reading, tower reading literature and media cooperation in the Yangtze River, the micro-blog media platform from the works of interactive communication, cutting-edge authors jointly signed culture, relying on big data work cooperation and custom publishing, film and games IP derivative aspects.

in the author’s cooperative policy, with particular emphasis on the signing of the work will pay more attention to the wireless side of the income and promotion". Ali, chief editor of literature Zhou Yun said, Ali literature UC Bookstore support in the mobile terminal, based on the UC browser on the active users exceeded 100 million; in addition, the flag fiction book reading application App class is the top three in the mobile.

data show that China’s mobile phone reading active users 490 million, of which the network novels accounted for all of the reading class of 60%, mobile internet literature utilization rate of 44.4%. The arrival of the mobile Internet PC Internet era leading edge of any industry are no longer so obvious, so is the network literature." Ali, editor in chief of the week at the news conference, said the old network literature model is based on the PC station reading mode started, and now it belongs to the era of mobile reading.

According to Zhou Yun

, in the old mode of network literature, on the one hand, pre exposure works mainly depends on the recommendation and ranking, but the exposure minority, and easier to click and brush brush list cheating artificial manipulation; on the other hand, due to the creation of revenue performance pressure, content platform signing the contract. The operation strategy is also increasingly utilitarian, consciously guide the author to mimic popular popular works, finally produced a sustained drop in network literature single content quality.

in the outside world, Ali literature to do something similar to the Taobao model in the field of literature. Zhou Yun said: Ali literature hopes to work together with the majority of writers, content producers, content dissemination platform to achieve common prosperity in the literature IP industry chain." In the network literature IP derivative channels, Ali literature has a wealth of resources. In the film adaptation of literary support, Ali can reach the depth of cooperation relationship with the company, Ali pictures, light media, Huayi Brothers, adaptation of the game resources include second major domestic mobile phone online games intermodal platform nine tour etc..

in the current network literature market, a unique literary Tencent, and in the main advocate of copyright. Another way to create the Ali literature, copyright policy open, is also regarded as the curve pry corner Tencent. With ALI literature into the Bureau, the network literature market eventually formed BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) three foot >

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