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e-commerce network marketing senior stage, network marketing is based on e-commerce, network marketing is of course other Internet service based, so the development of network marketing on the Internet also played an important role! But in the process of development of Internet network marketing experience of more than ten years, already has a diversified network marketing characteristics, now wants to obtain the success in network marketing, e-commerce or brand enterprise website construction is good, all cannot do without the diversification of network marketing, network marketing in various kinds of methods, the author concludes with several methods the representative to analyze the concrete use of network marketing in electronic commerce!

one: search marketing is still the focus of e-commerce

we can do a simple idea, that is to marketing e-commerce website is an information unit of the whole database in Internet, how many users to quickly sort out the information unit? At present, the best way is to use the search engine, and in the next ten years, we have reason to believe that the search engine will become the main entrance of Internet users, this will increase the effect of further search marketing! Of course, it is undeniable that for e-commerce, the most critical is the transformation requires flow rate, rather than the click rate, so based on search engines, there will emerge a variety of marketing methods to enhance the flow of the conversion rate!

two: video marketing more and more attention

with broadband speed increasing, more and more users to enjoy high-speed surfing pleasure, but also be able to enjoy the video to bring us a new experience, from various video sites, such as Youku, potatoes and so on have the misappropriating public situation, video website development will be better, but in the face of such a large number of users through the video, marketing has become an important choice for many electronic commerce!

believe that many users will be video ads and sleep with hair standing on end of the feeling of the video NetEase began, and in the lower right corner of the pop-up video ads, all information in the propaganda of all kinds, the video fusion in video content will be like this can guarantee that represent the general trend, pop style video was shielding the embarrassment!

three: the third party marketing will be a tool to improve traffic conversion rate

now network marketing is almost always build your own trumpet at every level, this marketing encounter don’t trust a big embarrassment is the user, no matter how you say, that is your own thing, every mother would think his son is the most outstanding, this is It’s only human., so marketing power will be greatly reduced infection! So how to solve the bottleneck of this marketing? Third party marketing program is one of the best ways!

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