April 18th, for potatoes, is a special day, nine anniversary. In the circle of friends, see potatoes employees share birthday cake picture, which is very domineering text – potatoes at the age of 9, is the world’s video site in 9 years.

few days ago, an interview with potatoes President Yang Weidong, he pointed out that the potato is the world’s oldest video website platform, even earlier than Youtube.

was founded in 2005 by tudou.com, has been brought to the industry and users are art fan label, "everyone is living director tone, perhaps the founder of Wang Wei’s character and life. But 9 years later, Tudou is still there, but it’s not the potato.


potatoes to the network to emphasize brand equity

when asked about potatoes potatoes and other video platforms, what are the core competitive advantage, Yang Weidong stressed that this is still PC thinking, in the era of PC mobile integration, potatoes are going to network, to PC thinking.

in Yang Weidong seems that the past is a video site potatoes, but now the potatoes is a cultural brand, which includes a video platform potatoes, potatoes APP, potato image Festival and other brand assets. Potatoes began in the video site, but not limited to the site, in the morning of the company’s executive meeting, I also stressed the importance of potatoes to the network to colleagues, to the importance of PC thinking."

brand means values, fans, assets, bargaining and value-added. At the beginning of 2013 Yang Weidong joined Youku potatoes group, in the workplace experience, and have been dealing with the market and brand, perhaps derived from this, after he began featuring potatoes president, will create a cultural brand of potato.

PC mobile integration era, each user is not only the content of consumers, but also play the role of content production, dissemination, diffusion role. "I love doing ‘confident grasp’ thing, if 9 years ago, tudou.com put forward the" everyone is living the director ‘s claim also slightly ahead, so now the brand connotation potatoes and cultural spirit and after 85, 90 is coincident with the mentality."

Yang Weidong overtones potato fans in brand building and communication and accumulation dimension will have other video website platform to throw off a few blocks, the current domestic video arena has focused on the contest product, content, size, but the potatoes have started Yiqijuechen began to focus on brand building. Of course, this protection value cannot do without external moat barrier to competition Youku potatoes brought, allowing the potato industry disputes farewell to explore a development path.

as a mainstream consumer groups, China 80, 90 has strong traditional marketing advertising has generated immunity, like there was a "mosaic" or "trash" in the eyes, as opposed to boring hard wide, this generation is more accustomed to listening to don’t.

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