A5 (admin5.com) network owners on March 13th in the afternoon news, recently, Baidu launched HTTPS security encryption service station, the traditional HTTP channel add SSL SSL, Baidu will all the user search requests into encrypted state, to provide a more intimate and safe environment for users to search.


protects users from Internet Security HTTPS

Internet connection of large equipment and service provider, in this process, the plaintext or intermediate proxy servers, routers, WiFi hotspot, communication service providers and other layers, one step wrong means your information will flow through the internet.

The traditional

HTTP model, there is a gray large number of intermediate links, related information can easily be stolen, but HTTPS is certified by the user and the server, the data accurately transmitted to the client and the server, and using encryption to prevent data from being stolen midway, greatly reducing the risk of theft, tampering with the third party posing identity the.


day before, domestic HTTPS website popularity rate is still low, the security encryption method is mainly used in "online banking" payments, even the Internet giant, which has mostly paid links in information protection by HTTPS method.

at the end of 2014, Baidu has been encrypted search service, open to the HTTPS parts of the station recently, Baidu implemented HTTPS encryption security service, the Baidu HTTPS security encryption has covered the mainstream browsers, which create a more private space, the Internet has accelerated the China Internet HTTPS for the user, when any Internet information with "protection bank", which means that the Internet security of strive for further improvement, also means that the existing online payment security strategy requires innovative protection mode?

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