I’m not a post on Admin5 soft, and it is not the first time in here to talk about Baidu from Baidu to its own website IP. I, many of my friends say Baidu not included new sites, Baidu update slow. Here I will give you the negative. Then you can see a a new me. Www.cc45.cn less than a month. Every day is full of more than 3000 IP from Baidu to pull, now every day more than 5000 growth rate is doubled after ~ ~

I don’t want to blow, speak with the facts. All Baidu search on " 2008 Spring Festival Gala download " see my website is not on the first page of the first row. Http://s.baidu.com/s? Ie=gb2312& bs=2008%B4%BA%CD%ED%CF%C2%D4%D8& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=08%B4%BA%CD%ED%CF%C2%D4%D8& ct=0   you know the words every day how many people are there in recent search.. that is not thousands of.


you in Baidu search on Zhao Benshan in the Spring Festival Gala on sketch " torch download " see row in the first site. Who is http://s.www.baidu.com/s? Wd=%BB%F0%BE%E6%CA%D6%CF%C2%D4%D8& cl=3

you know Baidu is not garbage station, just not included trash content only, some friends want to say. I content of all the original, why not be included. Now tell you two. Baidu included two of the most important first. Original. Second. Users will calculate your search… In good, no one for it, will not be included. It will not be in the front row.

we may have to ask why a stand can make their own content with the first page of the GG Baidu.. hehe.. I was how to do. In fact, very simple.

or two points. First. The content to be a new fast…….. second… Is the content. To no one else. Only you have and first released and was collected. Then you must be in the front row of the

This two

I is a good example. On the back of a Yangtze River No. 7. The Spring Festival evening. I have tasted the sweetness. Do hard to do. Go to the collection. To copy others. No..

there is no free lunch! The technology, said: This is the flicker technology! Graph king said: This is the soft


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