1 web site for a period of time, you can secretly contact with others, exchange links. Link is now a very good optimization method, so we should cherish oh. We can improve the influence of each other through the exchange of web sites. Especially when there are people on the home page when you are recommended, followed by dipping the. And when you are very powerful, others can also ask your blessing.

2 learn to seize every opportunity to publicize, can see what good things, if you just stuff about website, you can give each other a message or send a private letter. Do this once in a while and make sure you get good results. But don’t blindly send


3 found in the site, the best time to find some people ask their advice and opinions, the site is still in development, we need to work together to work, excellent website, will also bring us income

, right?

4 to be a careful person, always pay attention to some changes in the site, and strive to make good use of it. The site must be based on long-term development, good management, the principle of division of labor. You can also join a suitable for your business, to get more people’s attention. To participate in activities, and we often communicate with each other, to improve their visibility is very good. In a good way. In short, think about what you are good at, and then give it full play.

efforts to make their own expertise to promote their website to make a big contribution to the development of user groups. If you want to do on the Baidu homepage, we need a lot of time to optimize the promotion, your site must have features, such as folk arts and crafts, special collections, made some special handmade works of art etc.. This is the site in the future will be a special protection and special promotion. Is there a lot of stories to share with you? Don’t find it hard to write. Well written, not only exercise the style, but also can improve the hit rate. The article is written to go behind the times, webmaster nets, Adsense stand to hair, let the whole world see. Let more people reprint your article, understand your website. Maybe one day your site will go up, too. Efforts to write it! Resources outside the site is to use Oh!

you have, your family know? Your classmates, your friends know? They must tell in the first time, because you told the 100 person, each person will tell more people, a mass ten, ten hundred, there will be many people know your short time site. To the alumni record message, let the students and you share the joy of the site. In all your mailbox to set up the signature, put your website address on it, and then describe the text. So, when you are writing to someone else, then send out advertising. In the QQ information to leave your site address, in the name of your MSN with the website address, at any time to promote your dynamic.

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