[Abstract] the court found that 360 security guards hinder Sogou browser normal installation, and prevent users Sogou browser design constitutes unfair competition as the default browser behavior, was ordered to pay 5 million 100 thousand yuan.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) January 19th, Beijing second intermediate people’s Court on Sogou sued the case of unfair competition in the case of a verdict of 360, the first instance verdict Sogou win.


court decision document (I)


court decision document (two)

court found that 360 security guards hinder the normal installation Sogou browser, and to prevent the user will be set as the default browser browser browser behavior constitutes unfair competition, was sentenced to compensate Sogou $5 million 100 thousand. This is the highest amount of compensation in the case of the same type of industry.

the fuse of this case began in 2011. Sogou 360 claims, using it as a security software and service providers "supervisor" status, hinder the normal user to install and use Sogou browser, Sogou browser and hinder user initiative will be set as the default browser, in view of this, in September 29, 2013, Sogou company filed a lawsuit to the Beijing intermediate people’s court.

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