There are a lot of differences between

women and men in their psychological and physical characteristics, although many extreme feminists do not admit it. This distinction makes the difference between the division of men and women in the primitive society, but also in today’s society, some of the work is particularly suitable for women, and some work is particularly suitable for men. According to the gender characteristics of men and women of social division of labor, is not a kind of discrimination, but the human resources to the extreme of an optimal solution.

specific to the entrepreneurs in this matter, in fact, is not what the difference between men and women, entrepreneurship is a complex project, in which some of the links is especially suitable for women, and some of the links is especially suitable for men, the difference between the two is not comprehensive down. At present, I do not find authoritative statistics to prove the difference between male and female entrepreneurs success rate. As far as I am concerned, the success rate of female entrepreneurs is higher than that around me. Of course, this does not mean anything, because after all, female entrepreneurs tend to be too small, many women entrepreneurs have taken this step after careful consideration, ready to be more fully, so the success rate will be higher. While male entrepreneurs, the proportion of impulse entrepreneurship will be greater than women.

specific to the venture, the company’s business in all aspects, there are a lot of women and men of different performance, which is determined by the psychological characteristics of women. In other words, there are some common psychological characteristics of women, compared to men, is not conducive to entrepreneurship. We are now going to find out these problems one by one, analysis, and give solutions.

do you have a mother’s disease

my bestie who walked in their business on the road, more than one person asked me this question: "our company XXX really bothers me, what should I do next?" is a long time to talk or complain, the content is all about how this man is not good.

I sometimes have patience to listen to, sometimes interrupted directly: "why not open him?"


this time there will always be such a turning point, and then only need one word can finish the reason.

"but he’s my founding partner."

"but I think it’s my duty to lead him to grow with the company."

"but he’s been here for years, and I don’t have the heart to drive him away."

"but he two years ago for the company made distinctions won in battle."


I can only say: dear, you are sick, mouth to take medicine!


suffer from domestic violence but refused to divorce women, always say such a sentence: "when he doesn’t play for me is very good." This is a typical symptom of the disease.

there is no absolute good and absolute evil in the world, everyone has shortcomings and advantages. If a person’s faults allow you to speak for 20 minutes, and

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