a, must look good.

this is almost any design needs to have, not to mention the customer’s father to spend 100 thousand yuan LOGO, but it is not easy to do good, you can try these two routines.

1 has a good shape

facial features and then look good, long in a pear shaped face became a tragedy, we can see the importance of shape, logo design, we can try to shape the logo into these two categories of graphics:


A. geometry: circular, oval, square, diamond, triangle, parallelogram, star and polygon, these classic shapes are not ugly, science and technology, industrial brand LOGO can try to use this kind of graphics.

B. extracts patterns from the elements of nature: plants, animals, people, clouds, water, fire, mountains, etc..


2 choose a nice color

Yan high value LOGO cannot do without the beautiful color collocation, if you want to use a solid color, that is best not to use too high saturation color, if color gradient, the gradient effect that general analogy color will be better, the most efficient way is to find some good signs with common attributes, as the color reference.


two, in line with industry attributes.

a lot of good LOGO can let a person judge, it is probably what type of company or brand, general industry, science and technology category LOGO are masculine, strong, stable characteristics. LOGO skin care category would be more women are more slender and beautiful font. LOGO with cross is generally associated with the hospital and other enterprises. A lot of customers on this point is also very heavy, so we can design the LOGO can be used with the brand or product directly related to some elements and colors for creative design.


three, originality.

LOGO originality is very important, first of all, because the LOGO need to register, copying the LOGO is difficult to successfully register. Secondly, copying the LOGO did not identify the unique, there may be some other popular brands of LOGO, but there are also some cheap brand is to achieve this effect. Using the brand name itself or the first letter writing is a good way; also, we can merge several elements in a sign, so likely to coincide with other signs will be relatively low; secondly, the appearance of the LOGO to try to distinguish the market already LOGO. To the customer’s father to design an original LOGO is the most basic requirements, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.


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