reporter recently from the online employment platform "leading task Chinese" ( was informed that from August 1, 2008 to August 31st for a period of one month of the "real name authentication to send Saiyinuo Crystal Pendant" activities are hot in.

Reporters from the

campaign theme page ( learned that the crystal pendant has issued more than half, as of press time ago, has 125 lucky prizes.

As long as the

in the task Chinese of the real name authentication will have the opportunity to get crystal pendant, winning probability is high, the user experience is good, so whether members or sponsors, are the best response to this activity. Winners in the task China forum news frequently, other members are also encouraged to post, responded with great enthusiasm for activities.


reporter interviewed after the event exclusive sponsor – "Saiyinuo crystal Castle" ( leader Lu Hongtao. Mr. Lu believes that through this event, the latest online online workers recognize the innovative Saino crystal castle, and they will also become the best customers in the city of Saino. Saino not only gained popularity, but also increased the potential for a group of users with high purchasing power, has reached their established goals. Saino welcomed the task of China next time to hold a similar event, then hope to become a sponsor again to support.

and the task of the Chinese side said that the main feedback in August 31 to come to the task of China’s real name authentication users. At present, the end of the distance from the end of the last few days, I hope the majority of users to seize the time, as soon as possible to participate in, to win their own share of the surprise.

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