renamed China ( February 2nd hearing, in this game broadcast platform all times, each platform display skills to the full nothing, such as the end of last year, "Betta" Larry domain was traced to the high price of 2 million yuan transactions, and resulting in a bucket of fish TV and YY tear forced the battle. Thus, the domestic game broadcast platform war has spread to the domain name on the. Next, let us look at the domestic broadcast platform of the domain name.


domestic game broadcast platform enabled domain name

and "TV" for Larry

tiger battle

YY live as the largest broadcast platform, the opening of the two level domain name is, then decided to focus on increase the construction of the WEB side, so in August last year, a high-profile live YY enabled.Tv suffixes, Fang Chuan purchase price up to 10 million yuan. According to the person in charge of the site, the domain name both at home and abroad to adapt to a number of live sites using TV suffix trend, and significantly reduce the length of the domain name, easy to spread and memory.

but is beyond all expectations, after more than three months, live YY released a new brand, officially renamed the tiger live, and abandoned, enable Shuangpin domain on the line. There are rumors that Cao Jin in order to commemorate the first love, but later, according to informed sources, is not the case. But because YY attaches great importance to the web client, and the client has not been able to meet the needs of a single brand, the need for an independent brand, so replace the previous domain name.

crazy, etc. are enabled double stick

also enabled the Pinyin domain name, as well as Youku investment to crazy live (, NetEase’s wave live (, but the current two sites did not involve the live broadcast.

in addition, live banners the suffix ".Tv" is the opening of the domain name, the main domain name and another broadcast platform "live fire cat" Pinyin domain on long ago by a domain name investors bought from the 3 domain price up to seven digits. Fire cat live enabled domain name is

can’t afford to buy a double? Betta suffix "TV" to enable




: Betta TV

TV is the barrage Betta live sharing site, currently in the game live, Betta TV part of the popular anchor of the "star power" is no less than the traditional star, they began broadcasting live viewers will be able to reach tens of millions of levels, remarkable influence. Even when the Ming Dynasty "

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