from the online shoe good music to buy the news shows, good music to buy network alliance will be on the line this week, then you can apply to join the free individual stationmaster, the Union Commission for the sale of good music to buy the actual net sales of 10%.

according to the survey, good music to buy a 10% commission rebate is generally higher than that of similar B2C mall.

good music to buy assistant president Luo Min said: Internet is a new channel, China millions of individual owners, the owners of these more opportunities to contact a consumer, is a very good platform, compared to the domestic media advertising price is more and more high, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, our price is very considerable promotion.

Good music to buy

according to the information provided by the specific mode of network alliance, divided into: commission ratio: 10%, commission calculation method: = (total amount of commission payment fee – vouchers) commission ratio ×. The Commission returns good music to buy in 5 monthly statistics on the union of users, and will pay the Commission in the same month, the Commission did not reach the total 100 yuan, it will be postponed to the next month.

currently well-known alliance, including Google AdSense, Baidu alliance, Taobao alliance, in addition to the main Taobao advertising alliance for Taobao sellers, the other two are for the general business owners and websites.

B2C in addition to good music to buy, store, Jingdong, Amazon, VANCL and other well-known B2C are also open network alliance promotion business. Recently, an evolutionary extended form of high-profile Master plan where the customer Eslite is actually the network alliance.

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