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client, the first few seconds of full screen advertising to stay, always lingering at the top of the screen banner ads play Mobile Games, of course we are already accustomed to using mobile phone video ad before the patch…… Those seemingly free things just in another way to charge the price, which is used to describe the mobile advertising appropriate. Behind these ubiquitous mobile advertising, who profit from every time we watch and click


Facebook challenge Google dominance

when mobile Internet companies advertised "product free", they are actually saying, "we have a lot of advertising." From Google search, Facebook social to a lot of hand travel, free and share the spirit of the Internet to create a thriving mobile advertising market.

IgnitionOne released the "2014 Q1 digital marketing report" shows that the first quarter of this year, the search ad clicks rose 5% for the quarter, click rate increases 23%, the U.S. marketing spending on advertising expenditure of more than 79% tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone in spending on growth of 107%. Among them, the number of online advertising display tablet 25%, up by 39%, the click rate rose by 11%; the number of ads on the smart phone show increased by an increase of 131%, an increase of 217%, while the click rate rose by 37%.

eMarketer data show that in 2013 the global mobile advertising spending grew 105%, reaching $17 billion 960 million. In 2014, mobile advertising is expected to grow at a rate of 31 billion 450 million to $75.1%, accounting for 1/4.

Google and Facebook occupy the majority share. In 2013, the two companies accounted for ratio of up to more than 2/3, mobile advertising net income increased $6 billion 920 million.

carefully distinguish words, Google and Facebook relative position is changing. With the help of the Android ecosystem, Google has won the first mobile advertising for many years, but since last year, its share is declining. According to eMarketer data, Google’s share of the mobile advertising market this year will be reduced to 47%, down from last year’s $49%.

Despite the decline in

, Google’s market share is still nearly two times the Facebook of the second. Currently, Google in the mobile terminal advertising model is mainly mobile search, mobile advertising alliance Google AdMob, App implant advertising, mobile terminal YouTube and Gmail. Among them, Google AdMob banner advertising occupy the mainstream, but the app implant advertising and YouTube mobile terminals are developing rapidly.


Asia Pacific marketing director told the media that Google in the mobile advertising model in some new explorations, such as allowing the user to click on ads app, allowing it to call the new mode of advertisers on mobile devices such as customer service. ">

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