community circle with

      community is the first step in the field of wheat into the show baby, this direction is very correct, this is a typical practice of the theory of the circle. Poly circle theory refers to keep constant demand project in the first case, after the user, sea circle user, select the customer segmentation cohesion project scale formation, radiation, condensation process and subdivision will form economic profit. As an expert in the field, it is necessary that the research on this theory is very profound. So, the practice of wheat field is also so in place?

      the author believes that the establishment of the community plate in wheat field is consistent with his follow-up e-commerce. The use of the community to attract popularity, and then make a good user turn, the natural transformation of the community 2 into e-commerce 2, this idea is very correct.

      user demand turn to community

      in the process of turning the user, the wheat field is a bit worried. The module of the community, really can be in a short time to complete the turn it? I don’t think so, in the community stickiness takes 3 cycles to build shortened to 1 cycles, the result is the spoil things by excessive enthusiasm as can be imagined.

      financial pressure is too large

      of course, these are not the incompetence of the wheat field, but the shortage of funds. The crop is obviously not the swindler, can easily get tens of millions of dollars. Financial pressure, it is necessary to speed up the operation of the project, with the fastest speed to complete a project to raise, the wheat field to bear the pressure on their own.

      wheat field thinking too fast

      wheat field management theory, I have never doubted. From his many articles can be seen, this is a clear CEO. Just think fast, action does not necessarily follow fast.

      wheat field, this is a successful Internet practice mentor, but this time really worried.

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