November 22nd, everyone said: the website is cleaning up the content, thank you for your love and support." On the same day, Sagittarius network announced that the need for Sagittarius network era has gone away. Therefore, the shooter officially shut down." Two subtitles group website, the same day a stop, what is it? What is the nature of the subtitle group and in the end what is the existing policy regulatory system and the interests of the industry driven, where is their way out?

How is the subject of the

subtitle group


subtitles group is dedicated to the Internet on foreign film and television drama with Chinese subtitles enthusiasts groups collectively. With the development of network technology, subtitle group development and expansion, from the start to build group, to set up a special caption publishing site, and finally develop into one with its own server and can provide a forum video download service.

, everyone in the film the group formally established independent forum in June 1, 2006, but did not search the related records in the Ministry website; and the shooter is the largest Chinese subtitle publishing platform, on March 12, 2014 formally adopted by the Ministry of audit, record the main display " Shanghai striker " Mdt InfoTech Ltd;.

Although the majority of

subtitle groups emphasize its non-profit, not for the purpose of profit, adhere to the "share" and "free", but from a legal point of view, " and " " slogan; concept of " does not constitute a waiver, because more and more translation groups began to cooperate with the video site in recent years or is involved in the publishing industry to seek ways to profit.

is the subtitle group a for-profit organization? What is their profit model?

subtitle group forums usually rely on exclusive video resources as well as fast, high-quality translations to attract large traffic to earn advertising fees. But whether it is the shooter network station Shen Sheng, or all subtitle group for good beam are mentioned in an interview with the media, the forum advertising revenue is very limited, mainly used to maintain the site operators, the insufficient part also depends on the internal members of the forum members and sponsors.

film and television is the subtitle of the commercial operation of the circle is more obvious, it has tried to cooperate directly with the third party into. In 2011, all TV and HP jointly organized the "1000G world elite open class let you copy" activities, promotion of mobile hard disk. These are legal, constitute a profit-making behavior.

subtitles group is how long on the line, how a workflow?

in overseas drama broadcast week as an example, in accordance with the fixed update time, whenever a new episode of on-line subtitle groups for the first time to foreign websites to download the source and English subtitles, and then listen to the translation, making the specific division of labor, team caption, video, check the complete suppression, and finally released products. The whole process sometimes only a few hours.

a set of 45 minutes of drama about the need to participate in the joint of the 10: timeline of the 1 >

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