bitcoin now we are very familiar with, it is the use of block chain technology, the earliest and most mature applications, from January 25, 2009 on the line, has been running for 7 years. Block chain is the underlying technology of bitcoin. Block chain is not only used for bitcoin, but also can be combined with other industries, through the block chain +, have a significant impact on the industry, and even disruptive change.


what is a block chain?

from the communication point of view, the block chain is a network protocol, like web programming must follow the HTTP protocol, otherwise the site can not be exchanged. The mail system of the mailbox must communicate with the SMTP protocol, otherwise the message cannot be delivered. If there is no uniform agreement, communication between each other will be a problem. In short, block chain with HTTP protocol, SMTP protocol, is also a kind of network protocol.

From the

data storage, it is distributed, non centralized storage, as a distributed books, all records is composed of multiple nodes, each node has complete accounts. All nodes involved in the supervision of the transaction is legal. There is no node can be accounted for separately, to avoid record tampering. In a word, the block chain is a network and the authority of the peer-to-peer structure, the structure of the center. In the block chain, any participant is a node.

distributed, de center is the most obvious feature of the block chain, in addition to the following three important aspects:

first, block chain to ensure the security and privacy of account information, as well as encryption algorithm. Although the information on the block chain is open, the account information is protected. No authorization to access data.

Secondly, in order to ensure the validity of

, there is a consensus mechanism. A plurality of accounting nodes must reach a consensus in order to confirm the record. For example, the use of bitcoin consensus mechanism is POW (Power Of Work).

in the end, the block chain and intelligent contract mechanism. According to the actual data records, to achieve the predetermined conditions, the implementation of specific provisions. For example, the risk of flight delays, the blockchain intelligent contract, once reached the payment conditions, automatically put the money into the customer accounts.

block chain + a variety of industries, which means the beginning of the bottom of the

The advent of

intelligent world needs not only natural language processing system, computer vision, intelligent learning, but also the need for block chain. At present, many web sites and APP data quality is not high, all data cannot determine which data dragons and fishes jumbled together, is authentic, but the blockchain coming through the record books to solve all distributed data quality problems.

The arrival of the

block chain means the arrival of a trusted society. Block chain Internet and traditional Internet the biggest difference lies in: block chain is a trust based on the value of the Internet, >

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