flood information network is a major obstacle to the network advertising, itself a lot of homogenization, boring enough information users picky, Yu would like to say that our network marketing, do not add useless advertisement information annoying. So how do you create on the Internet are useful information for the enterprise? Let users do not bother to read, but also by the internal advertising information guide, in the boundless feeling, follow our advertising claims? Is not the number of key content, we have an exquisite.

1, emotional guidance, so that the audience’s cognitive perception than rational judgment.

has now not by strong function to attract audiences in the world, the development of new functional space more and more small, the key technical ability is not small hands, but a lot of people have. Therefore, the ability to guide the size of emotion, is now a symbol of the level of marketing ability. Read the hearts of the people, advocating advocates, driven by consumption is the focus of copywriter planning. And the subtle hint of copywriting is a key factor in the success of this marketing. In a word, it may imply that the whole content of marketing, a story may imply the use of our products after all the benefits…… We want to seize the hearts of the audience, so that they can not forget the rational thinking, will only be deeply implanted into the perception of the product, love it, buy it, in order to have a psychological impact on the audience.

2, logic, there are theoretical basis, so that users believe, or interested.

how to determine our content enough to guide the thinking of the Internet?. Everything has its own logic of existence, the need to create a logical story, the need to explain the logic of ideas, people want to guide the idea of the need for logic. Our story, point of view in accordance with the logic of the development of some, it is easy to believe that the Internet users; in accordance with the logic of thinking of Internet users to guide the logic of Internet users are more susceptible to infection, resulting in perceptual awareness.

content to have a center, there is evidence. That is to say that the content should be enough to attract users of the topic, and there is the best picture of the truth. Yu containing some content on the Internet to see all down, without a clear argument users interested in, are described in the advertisement information, the contents of this let a person see the two line will be lost interest, it would not spread value. The argument is to let users may want to understand the topic, domain knowledge, and new life warning new fashion; can also stimulate the nerve netizens entertainment funny scripts, wonderful graphics, video and so on, life has a spoof. In a word, let users see the interest, and corresponding products to people, your content can be read in excess of information users, the eyeball battle for a win, mind reading the contents of advertisements will play a role.

3, pay attention to some magic, to produce a chemical reaction on the Internet’s mind.


role is not only rich in content to let the whole removal more boring, role. Copy and picture collocation should let users have a shock, anxious or passionate psychological reaction. Pictures can fit.

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