presided over the humorous funny cartoon2009 Spring Festival gala by

network China first piano portal starry piano nets planning organized carefully prepared for nearly two months, will be on the night of January 19th 18:00 officially meet with the majority of users. Then, users can watch the show in the starry piano nets professional video website, cool 6 network home page first screen and click PPLive. In addition, several major websites storm, Admin5 Adsense nets, Chinese station, laggards, etc. Yanhuang network will also provide the gala and click on the link to the home page, help users to watch.

in the early publicity, the Gala has played different from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and "copycat Gala" slogan to show people, one reflected the civilian deduce "elegance", the Spring Festival party and humor funny "music" civilians play a leading role, network Master himself the.

through the whole pre program collection and post production, the gala will eventually show to include comic, magic, sing songs, dance, martial arts, Chinese musical instruments more than and 30 wonderful programs. In addition, the animation host, funny short film, special effects to join the audio network will also become the network Spring Festival Gala is different from other spring festival gala’s unique bright spot, for everyone to bring a different feeling.

in addition to ordinary users outside the enthusiasm to join, as well as the strength of the gala guests love back, famous young pianist Shen Wenyu, Feng Ye will be at the party in their wonderful piano. The lively network Spring Festival which lasts for 2 hours, from the evening of January 19th at the start of 18:00 users can watch in the starry piano nets and PPLive at any time by clicking, cool 6 network broadcast time is from January 19th to January 26th.

need to remind you that we are watching the gala at the same time, as long as the login forum to participate in the gala starry night, "my favorite program contest" and thread message users can participate in the gala audience interactive sweepstakes, and have the opportunity to get the value of 30 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan mobile phone recharge card, users are welcome to actively participate in the


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