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these days is quite peaceful, start-up companies to cut the wire speculation storm is not flat, the 58 city has been exposed to full implementation of the "996" working system, and without any subsidies.

called "996", that is, to go to work every day from early 9 to late at night, the day of the week for 6 days. 58 there is no official e-mail, but the internal staff confirmed the matter.

according to 58 employees broke the news, the work of the staff is the uniform implementation of the 996, also said, the purpose of doing so is actually disguised layoffs, forcing employees to resign. 996 working system put forward on the same day the staff left."

"996" wind and wave, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo blasted micro-blog to become the focus, night live joint were also asked to explain the "996 provisions" behind "996" storm of the

for what?

Yao Jinbo was bombarded users

from the beginning of August 29th, there are 58 suspected market staff in the comments below Yao Jinbo micro-blog complained, "996" provisions of 58 tucao. After a few days of continuous fermentation, Yao Jinbo micro-blog almost fell, a large number of suspected 58 market staff dutifully ran the micro-blog comment, even posted a labor law.


Yao Jinbo micro-blog comment screenshot

as of press time, Yao Jinbo nearly two days of micro-blog comments up to 4 thousand, most of which are associated with the "996".

Yao Jinbo in the live broadcast last night, the interface can also see a lot of suspected 58 employees Tucao, seeking to explain the provisions of the "996".


probably did not think of "996" provisions would cause such a strong reaction, 58 city immediately responded to the incident, said the 996 is to deal with the business in October 9, at the stage of mobilization each year at the same time there will be all the routine. And said that the group does not force everyone to be in accordance with the provisions of the "996" to arrange work.

below 58 city to respond to the full text, we feel:

for Internet Co, every year 9, October is the peak stage of platform traffic; and 58 as a life service platform, a number of areas involved in real estate, recruitment and other business volume is seasonal peak at this stage; in order to deal with the business peak stage, better service platform and customer group the mobilization of users, every year 9, in October there will be regular.


group does not force everyone to work in accordance with the "996" rule. Group to promote the various departments to work as the core objectives, and constantly improve the management capacity and efficiency, reasonable arrangements for work. Rather than mechanical extension of working hours, with the "996" mandatory provisions to the administrator >

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