game wedding service a blank market, you know??? Now the game player in the game playing games have great ability of consumption in addition to their basic daily consumption, a wedding with a consumer most in the game, with less time in 30 minutes, more than you can get a week in less number is 10+, as many as hundreds of people spend less is the equivalent of 10 yuan within the virtual game currency, many tens of thousands of games in the wedding, they do not much worse than reality.

maybe you think it’s all just talk, no one can. You are wrong, what is not impossible, as long as we are willing to put the idea into reality, will always receive a satisfactory answer, only to grab in front of others we will have success, even put forward this idea, we have to do a few days after I have a preliminary plan, at present a set of plans.

but what can not be done by individuals, so I need to recruit a good team of the team’s total QQ group 73182195 head and chief planning QQ 138907155

game wedding QQ group 5679793

IS AC channel 14152650

YY AC channel 3719362

if you are interested, we can work together to open up a new prospect for the world.

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