after 10 years of blowout period, the development of e-commerce in China is beginning to enter the stage of steady development. In the 10 years of the game process, not only the birth of the Alibaba, Tencent and other representatives of the industry hegemony, but also bred a variety of traditional industries in the field of grassroots heroes. China’s major electricity supplier pattern has basically formed. The formation of this pattern will undoubtedly bring unprecedented impact on the traditional industries, but also brought unprecedented opportunities.

The direct impact of

traditional industry in e-commerce, the brutal reshuffle process, especially relates to all aspects of the industry chain at the bottom, especially, such as manufacturing, processing industry, some individual distributors and agents. This part is in the bottom of the chain of traditional industries "vulnerable groups" instead of having learnt a turn, and had to put the entity moved to the Internet, once again became a major electricity supplier and factory agent network salesman: individual business. But this time they also get the benefits, reduce manufacturing cost, store operating costs, rent utilities, this is really like the rain. And for the downstream enterprises of some products, was not so lucky, or eliminated, or go through the same process of transformation of the self-employed, relying on a large platform or Kumufengchun linger. So far, the end of industry consolidation. In the era of continuous development, the electricity supplier is a trend for the lazy people who are helpless in the trend, but also represent the general trend in the hard-working people, do not want to go out is tied up. The survival of the fittest rule exists in business, do not follow the market and consumers, there is only one outcome. So we can’t help but ask, are we kidnapped? Maybe it’s just a matter of philosophy.

Here I focus on the

like to say is, I have to admire those in the traditional areas of large electricity providers escaped the siege, become an independent school business hero. Because they are the big challenge and the pattern of the electricity supplier in the process, by virtue of its excellent professional quality and psychological quality, to a cup of soup.

, for example, in the field of jewelry segments: relying on their own platform and large electricity supplier platform in the field of jewelry diamond birds, emerald fields of Jade Dynasty, the royal family of amber fields, such as Anber. Throughout the history of the development of the diamond bird, almost at the same time with the development of Taobao. It can be said that the sensitivity to market their grasp and strategic adjustment is very timely and in place; Jade Dynasty founder Yang Muren, is just a few years time, has become the outstanding representative of the times in the change and development of the jade industry; and the Royal Anber founder Rao Min, is by virtue of its unique and accurate market positioning and the marketing pattern, in less than a year, with the micro marketing model to set up their own small amber empire. Even he went further, the majority of their predecessors to shorten the course to seize market opportunities. In the amber market is entering the life of ordinary consumers for the first time, not only to create their own brand influence, and even the timely launch of their amber trading mall (, to complete the

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