if someone says 5 years, up only 5 years, this year just over 16 years old boy will appear in the "Forbes" Chinese rich list in May, who will not believe, but after reading the following article, you might say: Hey, maybe


here "Dacron" does not mean that we often say that the polyester. But the first China provides network self propagating website (www.51dql.com), its founder named Ye Chenxi, a 16 year old boy, and many IT industry genius, Ye Chenxi with their age, disproportionate appearance has even lost in speech and deportment, the crowd also eye can be recognized temperament. It is said that his IT talent early in the junior high school is fully revealed, then set up the maintenance student portal, the school has specially assigned a special office to him, and that at the age of 15, he approved the special principal suspension entrepreneurship more prominent in the market he excels. Now no matter what the occasion, often hear people praise their leaves dawn always smile, plus a maximum of one sentence "there is no other skills, hard on the line, modest and stable awesome. What prompted Ye Chenxi decided to quit school to join to create "Dacron", "network communication" in the end what is the magic of


a typical network self propagation behavior, enterprises or individuals should first network users for advertising media, complete from the planning, delivery, the effect of the whole evaluation process. While ordinary users rely on the participation and the completion of the promotion task, get the corresponding good money reward, and it can be used to redeem cash or their favorite gift. A new platform for micro payment function of media characteristics and website this combination of web users with their own products, the current will stick up abandoning stiff marketing mode of the network to the network platform is a rigid approach, once users feel a certain information (news, pictures, video, software, etc.) have value, he it will naturally produce the share with others will be psychological, by means of QQ, E-mail and other network channels will pass this information to his friend as much as possible, or publicly released above the BBS and BLOG Information Center; if other people recognize the value of information, will continue to pass on, the results do not need the initiator of evil (the earliest creator or publisher) to spread to the audience, a mass ten, ten hundred, a short time can become a snowball potential. With the promotion of enterprise and Internet users on the income of their respective demands fully fit. Here are 2 examples that illustrate its power.

, Stormhoek is a British wine manufacturer, its products are known as the best New Zealand wine making technology and the best combination of South African grapes. But Stormhoek is a small business, there is no money to advertise, so they create a new way of marketing: in 2005, they sent to the bloggers about 100 bottles of wine. Get wine bloggers are surprised to have this, on his blog wrote about the matter and taste the feeling drunk.

because the manufacturers choose these

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