recently, Tencent science and technology hosted the T+ technology from the media matrix and the establishment of the contents of the venture capital forum held in Beijing. Wei Wu Hui published a report entitled "several pit" content business keynote speech.


following Wei Wuhui speech record:

thank Tencent technology for giving me this opportunity to share with you my entrepreneurial content for several pit. My PPT is just a few pages, each page is two words.

advertising pit

Zhang Quanling talk about the content of entrepreneurship in the spring, summer, autumn, winter, we see a lot of content entrepreneurs actually rely on advertising as if the day is too good, and rely on public relations to write soft days too good. Have you ever wondered why in five years ago to do advertising, public relations writing soft Wen, blog will not have so much money to make money in the middle of what happened in the end, and now has become a public number can make money. I remember when I was on my own blog, there were no more than 100 thousand users, and there were some blogs that were larger than me. But it is difficult to imagine writing a blog to pick up a soft business can get 30 thousand, 40 thousand, and even the car circle can be up to 100 thousand. What makes you, as a public account has seventy thousand or eighty thousand fans dare to shout two to thirty thousand soft, twenty thousand dollars? I think a very important reason, is in the WeChat system there is no centralized node large flow? What do you mean


in the PC era as the party, see flow node is the largest Baidu, Chinese has about 3 million of the sites in the PC era, from the perspective of research on 3 million party website is really tired, why not go to the traffic node investment center, this will save a lot of things. So you will see every 100 dollars of network marketing spending has $20 to the hands of Baidu, as well as 20 dollars went to Ali’s hand, Ali is also a large flow.

to the WeChat public account system, when suddenly found that the party does not have this big node, and now there are 20 million public accounts, from Party A has to go out. Later the friend circle of advertising is the large flow of nodes, can put ads on the circle of friends can reach many people. Circle of friends may see one day, there is no more, so the whole capacity is not big enough.

The new version of the WeChat

recently made a circle of friends in this heat, this thing now is difficult to say how will fire, but if there is enough fire possibility, this is a large flow of nodes. Party A’s overall budget is limited, have 10 million to spend, will be how to spend? In addition advertising circle of friends, the future will not cast a circle of friends in this heat? If the money is spent in these places, to the WeChat public number of direct investment will be a little more money. I have always been the view that the price of the WeChat public number has been inflated, the bubble will be broken in the future. I don’t think there are one hundred thousand fans, and then by writing a little ad

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